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HR Key to successful interviews.
Unemployment rates are at their lowest since comparable records began in 1971. Getting the right candidates to interview is becoming increasingly challenging and, more than ever, interviewers must have the skills to assess external and internal candidates effectively if vacancies are to be filled.
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Normalising menopause in the workplace
Menopause, when periods stop for good, is a normal stage in every woman’s reproductive life. The symptoms usually begin in a woman’s forties, with the average age of menopause itself being 51. Experiences differ from woman to woman.
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London’s Gender Pay Gap Worst in UK
The Office for National Statistics published data recently that shows London as a region has the widest gender pay gap in the UK. Currently, women working full-time in London earn 14.6 per cent less than their male colleagues. In the past twenty years the gap has narrowed only slightly from 15....
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GDPR after May 25th
HR teams have been working towards getting their processes ready to comply with the new data protection laws from 25 May 2018, when the GDPR comes into force, and while some businesses will be ready for the GDPR, many will not....
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How to use social media to attract the right candidates to your recruitment company
with a huge proportion of job seekers now choosing to look on social media to try to find potential openings....
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Facebook & Your Boss
What to consider before adding your boss on Facebook There is no doubt that it can be risky to add your boss on any kind of social media platform, as you never know what they might be able to find that could have an impact on their impression of you as a professional....
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How to Promote Your Employer Brand
When people are deciding upon which company they would like to work for, one thing that they will want to take into account, consciously or not, is your employer brand. With this being true, you should do everything you can to promote and improve the brand in the best possible way
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How to Keep the Team When the Department Head Leaves
Staff turnover is something that is inevitable in any workplace, however when a department head leaves it can be difficult to deal with, as the morale of the whole team could be impacted....
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How Best to Sell Your Jobs.
When you conduct interviews, not only is it your chance to get to know the applicant, but it is also their chance to decide whether they would like to work as a part of your company....
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Has Brexit Affected Diversity?
With Brexit negotiations starting to take place, there is a growing concern over the impact it will have on the diversity once we have officially left the EU. However, we are starting to see signs already of the impact Brexit is having on diversity.
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Gender Pay Gap
With the deadline for businesses to publish details of their gender pay gap only a few months away, only 400 out of the 9,000 businesses have published their figures so far....
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Automatic Enrolment
The government is taking action to help encourage teenagers “into the habit of saving”, and plan to extend automatic enrolment onto a pension scheme to those as young as 18 from its current age of 22. The proposals will cost employers an extra £1....
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