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The COVID vaccine is finally being rolled out… and a significant number of people don’t want it. This raises some tough legal questions for HR professionals. Read on for answers.
At some point during the COVID hiring-and-firing scramble, you’re likely to find yourself needing to fill temporary roles in a hurry. Are you prepared? Short term hiring can be a long-winded, expensive process that also costs precious staff time....
If you’re an HR professional during COVID, you’re going to have to have tough conversations – and you’re going to have to have them remotely. How do you deliver bad news compassionately and professionally through a screen?
As technology makes us more productive, our workdays will get shorter. Eventually, we can expect a 15-hour week. At least, that’s what John Maynard Keynes, the famous economist, predicted in 1930… so far, it hasn’t quite worked out that way....
Looking back on 2020 brings up all kinds of emotions. Grief. Anger. Relief that it’s over....
Being kind to others often comes naturally but being kind to ourselves may not. So with that in mind, here are 10 ways to show yourself some kindness – this week and beyond.
When you think of a PA (Personal Assistant), you might think of organisation and efficiency – but what about boosting your company image? You might be surprised to know that they can do that too....
Nobody likes having to lay people off. You feel guilty. You worry about their colleagues’ morale. And you worry about your employer brand – because laid-off employees talk. In the current climate, layoffs are an unavoidable reality for many companies....
With COVID accelerating the rise of digitisation, AI assistants are rapidly becoming indispensable. The numbers of these virtual PAs are set to top 7.5 billion active devices in 2021.
Temps. More trouble than they’re worth? This might surprise you, but the opposite is true. If you’re not using temps, your business is probably losing out. Here are the seven reasons why.
The COVID crisis offers companies an unprecedented opportunity to change – and HR leaders need to drive that change. These are the core competencies you’ll need to navigate the uncharted waters of 2021.
It’s never going to be an easy conversation. But with COVID-19 affecting so many businesses, “I’m sorry, we’ve had to let some people go” is a conversation that’s happening a lot. And when people are working remotely, the potential for awkwardness and bad feeling increases exponentially....
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