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How robots/ai might impact HR in the next 5 years?
HR departments are beginning to turn their attention to the impact robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) may have on the industry. To understand the impact on HR in the next 5 years is to understand what may happen to jobs.
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Generation Z – who are they and how do you manage them?
Just when you thought you figured our millennials, along come Generation Z! Generation Z is typically characterised as those who were born from the mid-1990s to mid-2000s....
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Have you heard about Blockchain?
Blockchain is basically a method of recording information on a distributed and encrypted ledger – eliminating the need for trust, or middle-men in many applications. Today it is best known as the breakthrough technology behind virtual currency Bitcoin....
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Benefits to attract Millennials
If you’re looking to attract top millennial talent to your company then you might want to look beyond the traditional benefits of pensions, company car, or bonuses (as great as they are)....
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Choosing an ATS
Choosing an ATS can be a long process....
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Redefining HR in a digital age
The current digital age is but a stepping-stone in the evolution of a world enabled by the exponential use of technology in the workplace....
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Is the future CEO to be found in HR?
When it comes to forecasting the future of HR, we trust nothing more than the word of renowned researcher, Dave Ulrich....
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Top 5 challenges being faced by HR
Today’s human resources leaders face a unique and fluid environment when it comes to hiring and managing an organisation’s workforce. In our fast-paced business/technology world and a changing job market, what are the challenges being faced by HR departments so far in 2018?
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Workplace alignment may reduce health risks.
Research undertaken at the University of Gothenburg and published in science publications across the world, has established that employees who experience psychosocially poor working conditions have limited capacity to control their work and tend to feel undervalued.
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The end of annual appraisals
Theoretically, performance management should happen every day. Think of it this way, if a footballer was playing in a way his manager didn’t like, would he wait until the end of the season? Absolutely not. They would address the problem immediately....
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How Effective Onboarding Can Attract and Retain Talent
Typically, low unemployment rates result in less job-seekers – and more choice for those actively looking for a new role....
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When banter becomes bullying
rly October, Hollywood was rocked by accusations of sexual harassment and bullying when the New York Times published an article detailing decades of allegations against film mogul Harvey Weinstein.
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