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Free Skills Assessment

Many client organisations will want to assess Candidate's skills these days. Therefore, all Candidates are assessed, regardless of the work they are seeking, prior to joining Morgan Spencer's database and going on to work for one of our clients.

Lots of people get nervous about taking tests so feel free to speak to our administration team about any test that you would be interested in completing. We have hundreds to choose from and we will administer them to you free of charge - practice really can make perfect! It can even be emailed to you for ease of response.

In the main this testing takes three forms:

  • Testing of systems.
  • Testing of skills.
  • Testing of knowledge.

The testing of knowledge encompasses the academic-style testing which assesses literacy, verbal and numeric reasoning. Skills and system testing assess your ability to carry out a specific task or use a particular system. Office skills are tested and assessed using Proveit UK.

Please feel free to chat to us about this. We are happy to help with any advice you may need.