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Increasingly, working from home isn’t something that’s limited to you waiting for the boiler man to come around, you’re feeling a little under the weather or your boss is on leave.
Balance may well be an impossible pursuit in some industries; but finding a job that allows you to have a life in that industry is not.
It’s a question many HR professionals seldom pose. There is still an assumption that the temporary worker is desperate for a permanent role and therefore an offer of one will encourage them to give up their life of temping.
Having the right attitude is crucial. This means keeping your emotions in check and being receptive to different ideas and fresh ways of doing things.
Email has become the main method for communication across organisations. There are of course many upsides to this; it is free and allows people to read/respond in their own way. But as tech savvy generations join the workforce, this overreliance on the written word is, at times, farcical.
HR departments are beginning to turn their attention to the impact robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) may have on the industry. To understand the impact on HR in the next 5 years is to understand what may happen to jobs.
Just when you thought you figured our millennials, along come Generation Z! Generation Z is typically characterised as those who were born from the mid-1990s to mid-2000s....
Blockchain is basically a method of recording information on a distributed and encrypted ledger – eliminating the need for trust, or middle-men in many applications. Today it is best known as the breakthrough technology behind virtual currency Bitcoin....
If you’re looking to attract top millennial talent to your company then you might want to look beyond the traditional benefits of pensions, company car, or bonuses (as great as they are)....
Choosing an ATS can be a long process....
The current digital age is but a stepping-stone in the evolution of a world enabled by the exponential use of technology in the workplace....
When it comes to forecasting the future of HR, we trust nothing more than the word of renowned researcher, Dave Ulrich....
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