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Technology evolves rapidly, with new innovations hitting the scene every day. But because technology is, well, technical, it can be years before those outside the field use them to their greatest potential....
Thinking about the places you’ll travel to when lockdown is over? So are all your staff… If you don’t want them all jetting off at once and leaving your company in more of a pickle than it is now, it’s best to be prepared.
It’s happened… your sharp-suited professionals have morphed into pyjama-clad blanket bundles whose typing is occasionally interrupted by volleys of punctuation from the cat. Complaints about the weirdness of working from home have petered out into contented silence....
As COVID-19 continues to dominate the news, we all need to focus on staying healthy… mentally healthy. Taking proactive steps to look after your mental wellbeing can help you cope with anxiety and uncertainty and feel more in control of the situation. Here’s how.
If you’re white, answer this quickly - are you racist?
Working with a recruiter while job hunting can be highly rewarding--it multiplies your connections and opportunities many times over, making you more likely to not just find a job, but find a job that’s a perfect fit for your skills and needs.
Remote onboarding was already a trend before the current COVID-19 crisis, with stiff competition for talent, companies have been working harder and looking further to hire the best people available to them. But now, it’s more relevant than ever.
Being furloughed affects different employees in different ways. Some are grateful, understanding that with the company experiencing hard times, it could have been worse. Others are disappointed that managers don’t see them as absolutely essential....
Whilst it is difficult to trace the origins of the PA, it is likely that it stretches back centuries. There has always been and will always be busy, famous, and wealthy people who need additional support, help or their "right hand". So it is difficult to see how this demand will ever change.
When you promote a new manager, your work is only just beginning. If you don’t give them the proper support, you’re setting them up to fail. Read on for five tips to ensure their success - and by the way, these work just as well for not-so-new managers who are struggling.
“I’ve got an offer from another company...” says your rock-star employee. What to do?
At the moment the four-day week is only workable in the most progressive companies and when business is smooth....
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