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Prime Minister Boris Johnson came under fire last year for urging employees to “get back to work in the normal way” or risk being “gossiped about.” The implication that working from home would or should damage people’s career prospects was not appreciated.
November 2021 saw starting salaries shoot up at a record rate while permanent recruitment levels also grew sharply, according to the latest Report on Jobs, by KPMG and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).
The rise of flexible working has led to a new wave of companies granting unlimited holiday packages–and it turns out this bold move leads to major reductions in sickness, absence and staff turnover.
No jab, no job? The legal rights of employers and employees around the Covid vaccine are a burning issue at the moment. Read on for a clear guide to both.
As diversity becomes less of a buzzword and more of a business imperative, more and more employers want to know how to support nonbinary or genderfluid employees. Read on for a clear guide to what being nonbinary is all about, what you can do, and your legal position.
Is it possible to save time by slowing down? Yes—if you know how to take the right kind of break. A ‘productive pause’ is a break designed to be optimally effective. You take it consciously and spend it fully detached from work. Here’s how.
Over half of workers would quit if not offered hybrid working options, according to a survey by Microsoft....
Among many other changes, the pandemic has caused a boom in snacking. But what exactly are we filling our faces with? UK supplement company Feel surveyed 3,000 Brits working from home, and the results were eye-opening.
Hiring temps is becoming increasingly popular, with some companies allocating 30% of their procurement budget to temporary workers, according to Deloitte.
With the way we work evolving so rapidly, Executive Assistants need to be aware of trends and constantly update their skills to stay relevant. So what skills should you prioritise to give yourself the edge in 2022?
COVID-19 has changed employee expectations for good – and that means your recruitment strategy needs to change to match. The top priorities for hiring managers and recruiters post-COVID are skills-based hiring, remote recruiting, and building a strong company culture where work supports life.
The government is pushing the new apprenticeship scheme hard. They are targeting the public sector to have 2....
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