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Can you change a business culture?
The culture of your company is something that can make a big difference as to whether you are able to reach your goals or not. If your culture isn’t working well for you, then you should think about changing it....
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Bringing dogs to work, is it going to be a thing or a fad?
Recently in business, it has been more common for workplaces to be pet friendly. This is largely thanks to the fact that millennial workers are starting to look for workplaces where pets can be included, forcing employers to try to cater for this....
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Are leadership and inspiration natural bed fellows?
If a leader is able to inspire people to act in a certain way, then this can certainly improve their overall success as a leader. However, there are many leaders that don’t actually possess the ability to inspire, and this is something that could make them less successful in the workplace.
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5 More skills HR Managers must have
A lot of the advice that you give to the people you work with will involve their health, and this means that you need to have a detailed understanding of how the health insurance policies actually work. You don’t need to know everything, but it can help to have key facts to hand to use when needed.
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Halloween Quiz
Join in the fun and win some prizes.
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5 skills every HR manager must have
If you want to be a successful HR manager, then feeling like you’re good with people might not be enough. We have put together a great list of skills that you will need if you’re to work in the field of HR, giving you a chance to see exactly what you need to work on.
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5 ways to boost employee productivity
You are almost certainly familiar with the idea of employers giving rewards at certain times of year, usually the holiday season....
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Is remote working the way of the future?
Increasingly, working from home isn’t something that’s limited to you waiting for the boiler man to come around, you’re feeling a little under the weather or your boss is on leave.
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If your sector does not have a great work-life balance, what else can you do?
Balance may well be an impossible pursuit in some industries; but finding a job that allows you to have a life in that industry is not.
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If I meet a temp that is the best person for my perm needs, how do I incentivise them away from temp market?
It’s a question many HR professionals seldom pose. There is still an assumption that the temporary worker is desperate for a permanent role and therefore an offer of one will encourage them to give up their life of temping.
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How to survive a merger as an HR professional
Having the right attitude is crucial. This means keeping your emotions in check and being receptive to different ideas and fresh ways of doing things.
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How to get your staff off their emails and back on their phones/talking to people
Email has become the main method for communication across organisations. There are of course many upsides to this; it is free and allows people to read/respond in their own way. But as tech savvy generations join the workforce, this overreliance on the written word is, at times, farcical.
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