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With COVID restrictions in place for up to six months, we’re not likely to be getting a lot of holiday requests in the near future – and if your annual leave year ends on December 31st, that’s a problem.
Three out of four employees don’t want a workplace Christmas party this year. And nearly nine out of 10 (88%) would rather be given £50, according to new research by YouGov....
The mental health consequences of COVID have been severe. One in five UK adults is suffering some form of depression – double the pre-pandemic rate of one in ten. Nearly half are experiencing severe anxiety, and four in five are worried about the effect of the pandemic on their lives....
While the furlough scheme has saved many businesses and jobs, it’s also created divisions between the furloughed and the non-furloughed, which will make it awkward when everyone returns to work....
This time around, the most successful leaders are spelling “lockdown” with four Cs. (And no, they’re not Covid, Constant Calls, and “Cripes, not this again....
It’s understandable that workers stuck at home during COVID are choosing to break the monotony by heading for some winter sun....
Staff retention is always important – but right now, it’s vital. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your superstars will stay with you just because the job market is flat (for now). Workers who feel let down by their employers during difficult times will leave – as soon as possible....
There are plenty of recently unemployed workers on the market, but does that mean you can easily find that special candidate? Would you be surprised to learn that it might actually be harder than last year? Here’s why.
COVID has changed the way we do just about everything in HR, and hiring is no exception. Here’s how to hire and retain the best talent in the “new normal” world.
Loneliness, longer hours, and communication difficulties can affect remote workers’ mood at the best of times – and these are not the best of times.
As a leader, you’re probably facing these challenges right now — or you soon will be. Here’s how to handle them.
Right now, executives need their assistants more than ever. The basic role of the EA is to give time back to their boss....
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