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Pick your disaster movie scenario. Whether it’s the killer virus or the rise of the machines, the same workers are most vulnerable to losing their jobs, says a McKinsey report....
There might not be much to smile about in the UK economy right now, but here’s one thing: our labour market is resilient. It’s undoubtedly been hit hard by coronavirus – the OBR predicts that unemployment will surge to 10% from a pre-pandemic low of only 4%....
If you’re starting to go a little strange in lockdown (and who isn’t?) there’s a cure for that: give yourself a meaningful project to focus on. Use this time to boost your career prospects. If you follow these tips, you can build yourself a better future right now from the comfort of your sofa.
Lockdown has accelerated the inevitable: remote working is now here to stay. But does this mean that employers will offer full-on remote working after lockdown is over – and should they?
The first thing to know is that you must not panic; skills are in demand in all markets, and that includes markets in uncertain times.
The COVID-19 crisis has prompted businesses all around the globe to modify their operations for safety’s sake, with such measures as requiring employees to work from home becoming commonplace....
Successful interviewing relies on a positive mindset. If you’re saying to yourself, “How am I supposed to manage that during a global pandemic?” you’re not alone. We are all weathering hardships--including, for many of us, job changes--and the unpredictable emotions that come with them....
Technology evolves rapidly, with new innovations hitting the scene every day. But because technology is, well, technical, it can be years before those outside the field use them to their greatest potential....
Thinking about the places you’ll travel to when lockdown is over? So are all your staff… If you don’t want them all jetting off at once and leaving your company in more of a pickle than it is now, it’s best to be prepared.
It’s happened… your sharp-suited professionals have morphed into pyjama-clad blanket bundles whose typing is occasionally interrupted by volleys of punctuation from the cat. Complaints about the weirdness of working from home have petered out into contented silence....
As COVID-19 continues to dominate the news, we all need to focus on staying healthy… mentally healthy. Taking proactive steps to look after your mental wellbeing can help you cope with anxiety and uncertainty and feel more in control of the situation. Here’s how.
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