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When you think of a PA (Personal Assistant), you might think of organisation and efficiency – but what about boosting your company image? You might be surprised to know that they can do that too....
Nobody likes having to lay people off. You feel guilty. You worry about their colleagues’ morale. And you worry about your employer brand – because laid-off employees talk. In the current climate, layoffs are an unavoidable reality for many companies....
With COVID accelerating the rise of digitisation, AI assistants are rapidly becoming indispensable. The numbers of these virtual PAs are set to top 7.5 billion active devices in 2021.
Temps. More trouble than they’re worth? This might surprise you, but the opposite is true. If you’re not using temps, your business is probably losing out. Here are the seven reasons why.
The COVID crisis offers companies an unprecedented opportunity to change – and HR leaders need to drive that change. These are the core competencies you’ll need to navigate the uncharted waters of 2021.
It’s never going to be an easy conversation. But with COVID-19 affecting so many businesses, “I’m sorry, we’ve had to let some people go” is a conversation that’s happening a lot. And when people are working remotely, the potential for awkwardness and bad feeling increases exponentially....
With COVID restrictions in place for up to six months, we’re not likely to be getting a lot of holiday requests in the near future – and if your annual leave year ends on December 31st, that’s a problem.
Three out of four employees don’t want a workplace Christmas party this year. And nearly nine out of 10 (88%) would rather be given £50, according to new research by YouGov....
The mental health consequences of COVID have been severe. One in five UK adults is suffering some form of depression – double the pre-pandemic rate of one in ten. Nearly half are experiencing severe anxiety, and four in five are worried about the effect of the pandemic on their lives....
While the furlough scheme has saved many businesses and jobs, it’s also created divisions between the furloughed and the non-furloughed, which will make it awkward when everyone returns to work....
This time around, the most successful leaders are spelling “lockdown” with four Cs. (And no, they’re not Covid, Constant Calls, and “Cripes, not this again....
It’s understandable that workers stuck at home during COVID are choosing to break the monotony by heading for some winter sun....
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