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The new face of recruitment post-COVID

COVID has changed the way we do just about everything in HR, and hiring is no exception. Here’s how to hire and retain the best talent in the “new normal” world.

Offer fair pay for remote workers

When you’re hiring a remote worker, your impulse might be to pay them less – after all, they won’t have to afford travel – but consider how much they’re saving you in office rent and utilities, what extra bills they might have to pay, and how many extra hours they’re likely to work.

You can also consider hiring remote workers in other countries. While it’s fair for pay to reflect the different cost of living in different countries, don’t take the mickey; people know when they’re being used. Look at international data and global benchmarking to make a fair decision.

Boost benefits

Decent pay is still the main factor in attracting highly skilled workers, and base pay is more important than bonuses right now. But additional perks like flexible working, allowances for home working, and supplemental payments for utility bills and equipment are becoming more expected.

Save money by reskilling

A cheaper way to get the talent you need is to look at hiring workers from other industries and offering them free on-the-job training for the roles you need filled.

COVID-ise your employer brand

Right now, people are worried about job security. That means your employer brand needs to sound caring, empathetic, considerate and welcoming.

5 Top Tips

1. Change your mindset

Be flexible. Make sure your job descriptions contain the right keywords to attract the right talent. If you don’t include ‘remote working’ and ‘working from home’, you’re excluding yourself.

2. Train and upskill

Make sure workers are trained to handle digital working, and as mentioned, leverage transferable skills to fill gaps in your business.

3. Be informed

Look at data and trusted information sources before making big decisions like salaries.

4. Ask meaningful interview questions

Make sure you get what’s important to your candidates professionally and personally. Remember job security is likely to be a top concern.

5. Consider gig workers

To fill temporary gaps or help with skills training, consider gig workers. There are plenty of skilled and trustworthy individuals to be found in the gig economy.


Posted by: Morgan Spencer