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7 Reasons You Should be Hiring Temps


Temps. More trouble than they’re worth?


This might surprise you, but the opposite is true. If you’re not using temps, your business is probably losing out. Here are the seven reasons why.


1. With temps, your workforce is instantly scaleable


You’ve landed a huge new project, or you’ve realised a business function needs an urgent makeover… but with what staff? Do you get ready to start trawling through CVs and interviews? Do you overstretch your existing staff? Or do you make a quick call to a temp agency? No contest.


2. Lightning-fast hiring


Permanent hiring takes weeks or months. Temp hiring takes days. No long interview processes or notice periods: temp agencies have a pool of workers they can call on at short notice.


3. Temps can fill in while you recruit permanent staff


Still want to go the permanent route? With temps, you don’t have to make your missing person’s colleagues take on extra work – meaning productivity stays high, you don’t feel under pressure to rush the recruitment process, and your new hire doesn’t arrive on their first day to a pile of work.


4. Try before you buy


If you get on well with them, temps can also become your permanent staff. Recruiting temp to perm is a far more reliable method than the interview process, as you can actually observe the person doing the job you’re hiring for for as long as you need to make a fully informed decision. And if that particular role isn’t a good fit for them, you might find they’re just the person you need for a different role.


5. 36% of managers start out as temps


If you think temps are somehow inferior workers who can’t get a proper job, think again. More than a third of managers start out as temporary workers, meaning that temp you hire could be a future leader and help steer your business to success.


6. Temps bring new skills


An influx of fresh blood in the form of temps brings valuable new skills your company can use. as well as a helpful outside perspective on your company processes, and maybe even (whispers) some useful ideas from your competitors.


7. Temps keep your costs down


Don’t waste money hiring a permanent staff member to cover seasonal or unpredictable surges in demand. With temps, you can have as many people as you need when demand is high – and wave a cheery goodbye to them as soon as it goes down.

Posted by: Morgan Spencer