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A PA is Great for your Company's Image: 5 Reasons


When you think of a PA (Personal Assistant), you might think of organisation and efficiency – but what about boosting your company image? You might be surprised to know that they can do that too.


As the first point of contact for prospective clients, a PA is responsible for the first impression your company creates. Here are five ways they can make it a great one:


Good communication – Typos in your emails or newsletters will look very unprofessional and repel clients. A good PA is an expert in both written and spoken communications and a skilled proofreader and editor, giving all your messaging a professional polish that speaks volumes about the reliability and quality of your business.


Upholding the image of your brand – How would you like your brand to come across to clients? Acting as the face of your business, your PA will embody and uphold your company values, showing clients exactly what you stand for from the start and presenting a consistent image of your business throughout.


Building client relationships – For new clients, your PA is usually their first human contact with your business, and plays an integral role in building trust, keeping your client experience on-brand, and demonstrating to your clients how much you value them. An online appointment calendar can’t do that.


Collecting feedback from clients – If you want to serve your clients as well as possible, you have to be serious about seeking and acting on feedback. Formal surveys can only get you so far; with a PA there to gather informal feedback  and pass it on to you, you can get a clear and detailed picture of your clients’ thoughts and feelings, and nip any problems in the bud before they become crises.


Credibility – The final advantage of having a PA is somewhat circular: it makes you look like the kind of business leader who has a PA. In other words, it demonstrates that you’re serious enough about your mission to hire a professional to handle the administrative work, so that you can focus your time and expert attention on providing the best possible service to your clients.

Posted by: Morgan Spencer