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Worked hard to find me work every day

Morgan Spencer have provided me with Temporary Work management services over the last 4 months in London, UK. When I first met with the team at MS I was new to London, within 1 week of joining I was getting 2-4 days/wk as a Temp Receptionist, and ~5 days/wk thereafter. After 4 months of working with them I am now in a Permanent position that was facilitated by MS.

My main contacts at Morgan Spencer were Isobel, Becky, Amy and Lucy, who were all fantastic and worked hard to find me work every day. All of the staff at MS were warm, personable and professional at every interaction.

Submitting timesheets was a very easy process (send a photo in once it's signed), and I was always paid weekly, in full and on time.
I was sent to a variety of different businesses and settings, most within North & East London and (conveniently & luckily) quite close to where I lived. Before every job I was given a contact, brief summary of the work, and a dress code so I knew what to expect going into work that day.

Please note if you are looking to apply at Morgan Spencer (or any Temp Agency), it is your responsibility to call your Agent for updates, you must put yourself forward in order to get work. Call your Agent daily, let your emails and calls be a constant reminder to them that you are keen and willing to work every day!

Morgan Spencer were a great decision for me in my search for work, I had a very positive experience and would recommend them to anyone looking for Temp-Perm work as a Receptionist/Administrator within London UK.

Megan Wood - Temporary Candidate