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Post Interview Guide

After the Interview

As soon as the interview is over, contact your Consultant with your feedback. This will help when we contact the interviewer.
Any interview is a valuable experience. Use it to your advantage by going over the interview with your Consultant to see if there was anything you would have liked to have handled better, or anything you forgot to say that you want conveyed to the interviewer.

Be Confident

Be confident in yourself - we are! At Morgan Spencer we have tested your skills, assessed your attributes and understood your requirements. We have also discussed with you the job you are being interviewed for. If we didn't think you were suitable for the position, we would not have wasted your time sending you for an interview.

Interview Questions

In such a competitive market place it is more important than ever to do a good interview. You should always think of the interview as a two-way street. They might want you, but do you want them? It's no longer acceptable to not ask any questions, even if you think the interviewer has covered everything. You must really think about the Company and the job that you will potentially be doing.

These are questions that you should always be prepared to ask in any interview. Remember, nobody expects you to memorise them, or any others you have. Write them down in a notepad and bring that out at the beginning of the interview.

  • "Can you tell me a little bit about the people who work in the team?"
  • "How have others progressed within the organisation?" Be careful how you phrase this one, and remember that they are looking to fill the position fow which they are interviewing.
  • "What is the decision process and time scale for this position?"
  • "To whom would I report?"
  • "Who are the key people I would be working with?"
  • "How long has this position been open, and why?"
  • "What will I be doing for the highest percentage of the time?"
  • "What is the most rewarding aspect of this job?"
  • "When do you want somebody to start?"
  • "What sort of person are you looking for?"
  • "Would it be possible to be shown around?"

The following are questions that you should always be prepared to answer, in any interview:

  • "Why do you want the job?" or "What interests you about this job?"
  • "Why do you think you are a suitable candidate for the position?"
  • "Why should we offer you the job? What is your relevant experience?"
  • "What contributions could you make to our Company?"
  • "What do you know about our Company, and the job?"
  • "What are your strengths / weaknesses?"
  • "What are your reasons for wanting to leave your current / last job?"  NB. redundancy, re-location, increase in salary, wanting career development, etc.
  • "What notice period are you on?" or "When are you available to start work?"
  • Never leave an interview without asking what the next stage will be. Don't be shy about expressing your interest. If you love the sound of the job tell the interviewer.


Employers interview in many different ways. Currently a lot of interviewers will probe your abilities in particular tasks through competency style questions. Read on and be prepared! If you haven't been interviewed in this style before it may be a little daunting, and you will need practice. If you have any questions, please remember all Morgan Spencer Consultants are fully trained in competency interviewing, and we will be happy to assist.