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4 out of 5 employees believe their company has a responsibility to help the planet!

Candidate and employee expectations regarding an employer's sustainability credentials have been growing in importance. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Environmental Responsibility - Candidates and employees increasingly expect companies to demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability. This includes efforts to reduce carbon emissions, conserve resources, and implement eco-friendly practices.
  2. Social Responsibility - Companies are expected to be socially responsible by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within their workforce, supporting local communities, and ensuring ethical supply chain practices.
  3. Transparency - Job seekers and employees want transparency about a company's sustainability initiatives. They expect clear communication about goals, progress, and the impact of sustainability efforts.
  4. Workplace Culture - A sustainable workplace culture that promotes work-life balance, mental health support, and employee well-being is highly valued.
  5. Career Growth - Employees often seek opportunities for personal and professional growth through sustainability-related projects and initiatives within the organisation.
  6. Involvement - Many candidates and employees want to actively participate in sustainability efforts, whether through volunteer programs, green committees, or input on sustainable practices.
  7. Alignment with Values - Prospective employees often look for employers whose sustainability values align with their own. They want to work for companies that share their commitment to making a positive impact on the world.
  8. Long-Term Commitment - Candidates and employees prefer employers with a long-term commitment to sustainability, rather than those who view it as a short-term trend.
  9. Impact Reporting - Employers are expected to demonstrate the tangible impact of their sustainability initiatives, whether it's through reduced waste, energy savings, or contributions to social causes.
  10. Competitive Advantage - Companies with strong sustainability credentials often have a competitive advantage in attracting top talent and retaining employees who are passionate about sustainability.

In summary, candidates and employees increasingly view a company's sustainability credentials as a crucial factor in their decision to join or stay with an organisation. Demonstrating a genuine commitment to sustainability can enhance your employer brand and help you attract and retain top talent.

Morgan Spencer has committed to reducing Scope 1 & 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 46% by 2030 from our 2019 base year, and to measure and reduce our scope 3 emissions. We have successfully reduced our scope 2 emissions by 58% with a continued commitment to reduce.

Posted by: Morgan Spencer