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Some workplaces have rules set in place regarding relationships among colleagues. Whilst some are okay with relationships, others are not. Therefore, before you consider dating a colleague, it is important to check your company’s policies regarding dating colleagues.

If you find that the policy is okay with workplace relationships then you may want to consider what personal implications it could have on you if the relationship were to break down. But, let’s not jump ahead of ourselves. First things first, if you have noticed that a colleague has swiped right or liked you on a dating app, then you will want to stop and evaluate how you feel about it.

Are you certain that you are interested in this person romantically?

Just because your colleague has shown a romantic interest in you does not mean you have to reciprocate the interest. It’s best not to act irrationally in a situation like this and to instead proceed with caution. Take a step back and think about if the interest excites you because you are romantically interested in them back, or if perhaps it just feels like something new and fun, but would it really be worth risking your professional environment for this person? If you decide that you are not romantically interested in this person, then be open and honest with them, letting them down lightly.

What position do they have within the company?

Moving forward, if you decide that you are romantically interested in this person, then the next thing to think about is the position of this colleague within the business. If they are someone you will have to work with closely on a regular basis then you are putting yourself at more risk than if they are simply someone you come across in the staff room every now and then on your lunch break. On top of this, if they are senior to you within the business, such as your manager or perhaps even the company director, then it may be less appropriate the become romantically involved with them as they are in a position of power over you. Understanding the power dynamic between you two is critical when it comes to deciding if this romantic interest is appropriate or not.

What to do if you want to date your colleague?

If you have decided that you are romantically interested in your colleague, then it would be ideal to speak to them about it. Both of you will be risking your professional environment by dating each other, so it would be a great opportunity to discuss some boundaries. Emphasise that your professional dynamic is vital for the success of your team. Together, you can put some boundaries in place and make it work if this is something you both want.

Posted by: Morgan Spencer