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According to recent figures, 43% of employees start their day with coffee, and a lot continue to drink coffee throughout the day. A lot of people do this because coffee provides a caffeine boost, which is often needed throughout a busy day in the office.

 Our brain is full of neurons, which work hard throughout the day, and when they do adenosine is produced. There are a lot of adenosine receptors in the body, including the A1 receptor. When you drink a cup of coffee at work it heads to the A1 receptor and, because adenosine and caffeine are similar, the body accepts them in the same way. This results in coffee boosting productivity, focus and concentration, and reducing fatigue.

5 Coffee Styles to Have at Work

There are a lot of different styles of coffee to choose from, but some are better for your office than others. Here are five coffee styles to have at work.

Espresso - Espresso is one of the quickest ways to boost your productivity, and the boost is likely to last for a few hours. This is one of the strongest coffee experiences that you can have and though they aren’t for everyone, it’s an ideal choice if you need to wake up quickly.

Americano - Add some water to an espresso and you have an americano, and an equally impressive energy boost. This is a quick and easy coffee style to make, and it has all the benefits of an espresso, but with a slightly diluted and weaker taste.

Latte - One of the most popular types of coffee to have at work is a latte, especially amongst those who don’t like a strong coffee flavour. You make a latte by foaming the milk, which hides the strong and bitter taste of the coffee. It’s weaker, but it’s still going to give you an energy boost.

Flat White - Flat white originates from New Zealand and Australia, and it’s a simple but effective way of getting your caffeine fix. A flat white is made by taking steamed milk from the bottom of the jug, which tends to be creamier and less frothy, and pouring it over a shot of espresso.

Cappuccino - A cappuccino is one of the most popular styles of coffee, and it has a slightly different taste to an espresso or americano. A cappuccino consists of a layer of espresso, a layer of steamed milk and a layer of foamy milk. You might choose to finish a cappuccino off with cinnamon or chocolate powder, providing a hint of sweetness and sugar.

Whether you drink coffee to kickstart your day, or you drink it to keep your energy levels up until it’s time to clock off, you are sure to notice the effects of caffeine. But, what’s your coffee of choice? 

Posted by: Morgan Spencer