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What makes London so irresistible?

Last year’s rumoured mass exodus from the capital didn’t happen. While 34% of Londoners planning to move house last year wanted to leave the city, London estate agents Douglas & Gordon have seen a 34% increase in enquiries this year. And January 2022 saw online searches for ‘buy a house in London’ up 51% since last year.


Why the enthusiasm for London? There are many reasons – here are 10 of them:


It’s the UK’s most diverse city

About 37% of Londoners were born outside the UK, and some estimates put the number of languages spoken at over 300 – more than any other city. This makes London one of the cultural capitals of the world.


Over 2000 years of history

London’s history goes back to pre-Roman times, and its iconic architecture, art galleries and museums are largely free to enjoy. Some of the most popular London attractions are the National Gallery in Westminster, the Natural History Museum, the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, and the Southbank Centre.


Top schools and universities

London boasts 427 Ofsted Outstanding Schools, more than any other UK city, and 40 higher education institutions, including UCL, LSE and Imperial, which rank high on international leaderboards.


The UK’s most connected city

London has the best stats for strong Wi-Fi and broadband in the UK, with just 698 people per hotspot, making it ideal for home workers.


World-class transport

The quality of London’s transport system is almost at the top of the world rankings, second only to Singapore. Wherever you are in London, you can get around easily by train, bus, tram, and of course, the Tube.


The UK’s favourite city

According to YouGov, London is one of the UK’s three most popular cities, and the most popular city of all for millennials.


Green spaces everywhere

You might be surprised to learn that 47% of London is green space, and there are around 3,000 parks, meaning you’re never far from nature. And there are plenty of pet-friendly properties, so your dog will be happy.


Endless job opportunities

London is a massive talent hub and one of the UK’s most entrepreneurial cities, with over 200,000 new businesses launched there in 2021. Over half of UK FTSE companies and over 100 of the largest businesses in Europe are headquartered in central London.


The best social life

With restaurants, theatres, gigs, parks and traditional British pubs on every corner, London is a fantastic place to socialise.


One of the UK’s safest cities

Another fact that might surprise you: London is the UK’s fourth safest city to live in, whether alone or with family.

Posted by: Morgan Spencer