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Spring is here and we’re all enjoying the sunshine, but for employers there’s a cloud on the horizon: when summer comes, employees go. On holiday. En masse.


If the hot weather tends to bring headaches for your business, here are five reasons to consider hiring a summer temp.


They’ll hit the ground running

Most temps have an area they specialise in and are used to entering a new workplace, learning the ropes quickly and getting cracking on projects in short order. Hiring a skilled temp who specialising in your field means you’ll get someone who can hit the ground running and start work without much delay.


They’ll keep morale high

Summer understaffing is tough on the staff who are still in the office (not least because they’re probably pining to be out in the sun themselves). Having a temp to take some of the extra workload and pressure off them will boost wellbeing and productivity all round.


They’ll help you maintain your high standards

Rushed staff can’t do their best work. If you’re seeing quality drop, consider that your people may be overwhelmed. A temp can help them get back on track and back to their usual high standard. Because they’ve worked for many different organisations, they may also bring some fresh ideas of their own to help you improve ways of working long after they’ve gone.


They’ll keep costs down

Hiring a temp when you need them, and letting them go when you don’t, is much cheaper than hiring a whole permanent staff member, including the cost of training and benefits, and then finding something for them to do all year round.


They can provide rare skills

In the current talent shortage, you may not be able to find a good permanent candidate with the niche skills you’re looking for. Don’t let the role sit vacant—take on a temp, and you may even end up keeping them.


Act fast to get the hottest temp talent

Temps are a fantastic resource for summer. Don’t wait until you’re already understaffed and struggling—get in touch now to find out how our temps can help you, before your rivals snap them up!

Posted by: Morgan Spencer