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If you want to keep your employees happy, show you care by offering one (or several) of these refreshing drinks in your office kitchen.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

This is one of the trendiest coffees on the market, infused with nitrogen gas that creates a creamy froth when poured. Rich and naturally sweet, it feels indulgent but is actually dairy-free and just five calories a pop, making it a favourite of the health-conscious.


Bulletproof Coffee

There’s been a lot of buzz around bullet-proof coffee recently; it’s said to boost your brain function as well as your metabolism. A typical bulletproof coffee combines black coffee with unsalted, grass-fed butter and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, an easily digested type of fat. The boost it provides can last for hours with no jitters, making it a winner for productivity.


Cold-Pressed Juices

These healthy and delicious fruit and vegetable drinks have escaped from the world of juice cleanses and become a massive trend. The cold-pressing process preserves the flavour of the fruits and veggies, and some sources claim it makes them more nutritious, too.



A lightly effervescent drink created by fermenting tea, Kombucha is full of probiotics and is said to have tremendous benefits for gut health and vitality. What’s more, the taste is oddly addictive.


Organic Tea

Tea is having a renaissance as a health beverage, with organic black, green, white and oolong teas flying off shelves at the supermarket, as well as matcha and mint. Organic tea is better for you and better for the environment and tea farmers too.


Alcoholic Drinks

While the thought of alcoholic drinks at the office may make you blink, don’t kid yourself: your employees have definitely been enjoying a tipple while working from home. If you trusted them to manage their drinking at home, why not boost morale and employee retention by creating the same relaxed mood in the office too?


Hard Seltzers

This new trend in alcoholic drinks combines a low carb count with a crisp refreshing taste and is very popular with health fans.


Craft Beer

Craft beer is beer made by small independent breweries. The goal is to create a delicious, flavourful and high-quality beer, so it’s no wonder that these artisan beers are booming.



Those who are not so keen on beer often love cider, which has a similar alcohol content. Traditional cider is made from pure apple juice and has all the vitamin C and antioxidants of apple juice, as well as being gluten-free. These days, you can find a colourful range of ciders made with other fruits as well.


Canned Wine

Wine in a can is more than a novelty, with casual and serious drinkers now enjoying the opportunity to pop open a can. This modern way of packaging wine will fit easily into the office fridge and means the non-beer-drinkers won’t feel left out during your office happy hour.

Posted by: Morgan Spencer