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Is it possible to save time by slowing down? Yes—if you know how to take the right kind of break.


A ‘productive pause’ is a break designed to be optimally effective. You take it consciously and spend it fully detached from work. Here’s how.


Take A Moment To Do Nothing

Before you answer a call, text or email, take a moment to do nothing and gather your attention and thoughts. This will bring you calm and focus.


Don’t Ignore Your Physical Needs

Yes, you are allowed to go to the loo or get water now, not when you’ve finished that thing. You’ll be more productive when you’re not distracted by physical needs.


Step Away If You’re Stuck

Don’t keep banging your head against a brick wall. If you’re stuck, have a cup of tea, a shower or a chat. It’s surprising how often solutions emerge.


Touch Grass

Getting out in nature, even for five minutes, will refresh your thinking. This is another great way to access fresh solutions.


Find Pleasure

Remember, in every job that must be done there is an element of fun. When you’re struggling, it’s more important than ever to find something enjoyable in what you’re doing, or add some pleasure by enjoying a treat while you work.



Sitting for hours is hard on your body. Take an exercise break, or just have a relaxing stretch at your desk to feel instantly better and free up your thinking.


Humans are not machines–we’re wired to work best when we work irregularly. Let go of guilt and remember pausing is the most productive way to work.

Posted by: Morgan Spencer