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With the way we work evolving so rapidly, Executive Assistants need to be aware of trends and constantly update their skills to stay relevant. So what skills should you prioritise to give yourself the edge in 2022? 

EA roles have grown far beyond admin support to include project management, event management, training other support staff, contributing strategic value and even being involved in operational decision-making. 

While this may seem overwhelming, the same organisational skills and detail-oriented approach that made you a great EA in the first place will stand you in good stead in the new normal. The only new piece to the puzzle is that you have to stay up to date with the flood of workplace innovations. Never stop learning, but keep working to improve your skills and add new ones. There are many online platforms and workshops available today to help you boost your productivity, reduce errors and streamline processes. 

If you decide to take a course online, research the numerous options out there first. While many are free, your company may be happy to fund a paid course, and asking will demonstrate your enthusiasm for continuous learning. 

Another good way to learn is through your network of other EAs and admin professionals. Join conferences and events either in person or online to expand your list of contacts you can go to for advice, especially in unusual or difficult situations. 

Ultimately, however, building and maintaining a strong working relationship with your executive remains the most valuable skill for any EA.

Posted by: Morgan Spencer