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At some point during the COVID hiring-and-firing scramble, you’re likely to find yourself needing to fill temporary roles in a hurry. Are you prepared?
Short term hiring can be a long-winded, expensive process that also costs precious staff time. Having a procedure in place will help you find the best people as efficiently as possible. Here are six tips to achieve this.

1. Use a Recruitment Agency

Recruiters have a ready-made pool of quality temp candidates to draw from, so they can source the right people quickly. It’s especially worth using an agency if you need a lot of temps at once.

Your recruitment partner will save you time and money by freeing up your current staff from spending their precious time hiring and onboarding temps.

2. Advertise

Social media and job boards are great places to find people looking for temporary work. Make sure you have an established social media presence – that means posting consistently, reaching out to engage with other users, and making sure your messaging is on-brand.

3. Use Employee Referrals

Do your current employees know anyone they’d recommend for the job? Employee referrals can cut hiring costs and timeframes dramatically – and if your new temp gets on well with someone in your company, they’re more likely to be a good fit.

4. Look Locally

Who’s looking for flexible work in your area? Check out local job boards, community Facebook pages, local papers, and so on to find the best temps on your doorstep.

5. Stay Flexible

Temps are looking for temp work for a reason. Find out what motivates them. Maybe they have family or study commitments they need to work around. Look for people who need more flexibility and see if you can meet their needs on a person-by-person basis. You’ll be rewarded with dedicated temps.

6. Say OK to Boomers

You could be missing out on great temps by not considering what senior workers can offer. Many baby boomers are now looking for temp work to boost their retirement income. They have decades of experience and wisdom to contribute, will increase the diversity of your teams, and tend to be reliable, responsible, and happy to “just get on with it”.

Posted by: Morgan Spencer