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You’ve got the hang of Zoom interviews – but how do you test for all-round computer literacy when you’re hiring remote workers?

In the new remote world, basic computer skills have become vital for many roles that never used to need them. These are the top five skills tests you should be using to assess candidates’ computer literacy.

MS Excel Skills Test

If you need people to have data skills – organising and analysing data to make informed recommendations, creating sales forecasts, monitoring marketing results, or preparing financial reports – you need people with Excel skills.

Find an online test that covers all the recent versions of Microsoft Office and tests the candidate’s ability to work with formulas and functions, data analysis, pivot tables, charts and graphs, workbooks, and reports.

MS Word Skills Test

Again, make sure your Word testing covers a variety of versions of Microsoft Office and prompts candidates to use the short-cut keys as well as the menus and toolbars. Your test should cover file management, document editing, templates, layouts, tables, proofreading, reports, printing, and references.

Typing and Data Entry Skills Test

Gone are the days when you just needed “a typist”. Now you need everyone to be a typist. Typing speed and accuracy are vital for most roles. Provide typing and data-entry skills tests to measure candidates’ ability to input data efficiently and accurately. Copy typing and transcribing from audio should both be covered.

Email Skills Test

This is another skill that’s no longer a side option for just some candidates. Your email skills test needs to test candidates’ ability on the specific platform you use, but also their ability to communicate clearly and meaningfully, follow guidelines and procedures, organise emails, and understand and use email functions, tactics and terms.

Basic Digital Literacy Simulation

You can also find tests that will quickly assess a candidate’s all-round basic literacy in Windows application, email, and social media. If you need to hire fast or for a less skilled role, a single test like this could be the way to go.

Posted by: Morgan Spencer