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UK Home Workers’ Top 10 Snacks Revealed

Among many other changes, the pandemic has caused a boom in snacking. But what exactly are we filling our faces with? UK supplement company Feel surveyed 3,000 Brits working from home, and the results were eye-opening.


Fruit was nowhere in the top ten, with under a fifth of British workers saying they chose fruit as a snack. The majority went for confectionery, and it’s safe to say McVitie’s has done well out of the pandemic.


Britain’s top 10 home working snacks

  1. McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives
  2. Cadbury Dairy Milk
  3. Pringles
  4. Haribo sweets
  5. Galaxy Smooth Milk
  6. Snack a Jacks
  7. Walkers Salt & Vinegar crisps
  8. Go Ahead! bars
  9. Müller yoghurt
  10. McVitie’s Hobnobs

The Snack a Jacks, Go Ahead! bars and Müller yoghurt are fairly healthy, at least. But who’s eating all the junk? The study revealed that Brummies are the worst offenders, with over 80% of respondents in Birmingham saying they’d mostly been snacking on junk food while working from home.


Top 10 biggest junk food zones

  1. Birmingham - 82%
  2. Manchester - 79%
  3. Cardiff - 72%
  4. Gloucester - 69%
  5. Devon - 65%
  6. Bristol - 59%
  7. Bournemouth - 51%
  8. London - 49%
  9. Hull - 45%
  10. Plymouth - 42%


This seems to be an odd blend of big cities and places you’d go for a seaside holiday–although it’s understandable that people in tourist resorts might be drowning their sorrows in Hobnobs.

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