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COVID-19 Can Make Business More Agile - If We Let It

Technology evolves rapidly, with new innovations hitting the scene every day. But because technology is, well, technical, it can be years before those outside the field use them to their greatest potential. In the midst of this global pandemic, however, many companies are finding they can no longer avoid prioritising change.


This can put pressure on managers and other leaders, but it may help to view it as a blessing in disguise. By rolling with the punches, you can change the way you do business for the better--even after the crisis has passed.


Faster Decisions


As your business responds to challenges like home working and concerns about hygiene and safety, managers have the opportunity to shed “analysis paralysis”--the urge to understand every possible outcome before moving forward.


The current situation has forced companies to clearly and directly articulate common goals that span every department. In the future, look back on this and recognise the efficiency and efficacy that comes with all being in the same boat--and all rowing in the same direction.


Better Use of Data


The immediacy of pandemic-related issues has made businesses more resourceful in their use of analytics. Rather than adding more and more new capabilities in search of insight, they’re drawing more insight from what they have.


Getting Comfortable With Experimentation and Failure


Business and IT “agility” refers to the ability to respond rapidly to new situations. To cultivate this crucial trait, teams must experiment and be prepared to fail--but they must carry out that entire cycle quickly, rather than sinking weeks into a solution that doesn’t work. Using this method, they can learn, grow, and get the right solution in the time it would have taken to perfect the wrong one.


Going 100% Digital


We’re learning the real benefits of videoconferencing and other innovations while ironing out the last few barriers to their full implementation. This is great news for companies who want to build a global talent pool or streamline their meetings.


We’re all eager to get “back to normal”. But that shouldn’t mean we forget the lessons we learned from this experience. Faster problem-solving, stronger connections and more focused goals will help us make the most of whatever the future brings.

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