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COVID-19 has changed employee expectations for good – and that means your recruitment strategy needs to change to match. The top priorities for hiring managers and recruiters post-COVID are skills-based hiring, remote recruiting, and building a strong company culture where work supports life.
The government is pushing the new apprenticeship scheme hard. They are targeting the public sector to have 2....
1. Unprecedented demand for talent In an increasingly digitised, globalised world, we are closer than ever. Although this increases the number of jobs that are available to us, it also increases competition....
We’re already living in the future. Flying cars, friendly household AI – and remember when video phones seemed like a futuristic dream? With technological change accelerating towards lightspeed, we can only guess at what advancements we’ll see over the next 20 years....
The past two decades have been some of the most rapid in history in terms of technological advancement, and the world of technology looks completely different today than it did in 2000.
The shifts in policy and technology that have occurred since 2000 have changed the demographics of the workforce, and some jobs that were once common are now very rare....
As Morgan Spencer celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, it’s amazing to reflect on how much the workplace has changed since we were first established. In 2000, most offices still had paper files and overhead projectors....
A recruitment partner can provide you with much more than staff. They can also provide valuable market intelligence that will give you an edge over the competition in three areas:
It's a concept as old as fairytales: the working-class hero or heroine whose homegrown ingenuity succeeds where the elite have failed. But does it work like that in reality? According to an MIT study, the answer is a resounding yes....
You’ve got the hang of Zoom interviews – but how do you test for all-round computer literacy when you’re hiring remote workers? In the new remote world, basic computer skills have become vital for many roles that never used to need them....
Work is evolving – and hiring practices too. The new key success factors are soft skills like emotional intelligence, empathy, kindness, integrity, optimism, self-motivation, adaptability, resilience and grit.
Two noticeable trends have arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic. One: resignations have fallen dramatically. Employees who’ve been lucky enough not to be laid off have dug in like limpets. The assumption has been that they’re grateful to still have jobs....
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