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A ‘positive workplace culture’ doesn’t mean fun and funky office decor, unlimited holidays, or epic parties. You can have all of those and still not have employees who are happy, productive and keen to stay, or new talent lining up to join you.
Not if the circumstances are not ‘truly parallel’, according to a new ruling by the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT).
Making your temps feel valued will make them happier and more productive. Here’s how.
There’s no denying that promoting staff internally is cheap and easy - and internal interviews are just a formality, right?
It’s never easy to give critical feedback. Constructive feedback can help your whole team perform better - but only if they’re willing to accept and work on it. How can you make that happen? Use the Context - Observation - Impact - Next (C.O.I.N) formula.
Responsibility is good - but what happens when young people are promoted too soon?
Millennials’ is not just another word for ‘kids today’. The term refers to people born between 1981 and 1996 - so the oldest are in their mid-thirties. Do the stereotypes of the ‘me generation’ hold water? Global Web Index surveyed 52,871 millennials to find out.
The traditional hiring process is traditional for a reason—it’s designed to pick the right person the first time, a critical priority for companies....
A New Zealand company gave all 240 of its employees an extra day off a week - with no pay cut. After eight weeks, not only did workers report less stress and more job satisfaction, but they were just as productive (if not more so) in four days as they had been in five.
Studies show systematic onboarding brings new hires up to speed 50% faster, increases engagement and retention, and reduces failure rates. But if you think onboarding is just a question of showing them the ropes, you’re not going to get those results....
Under the Equality Act 2010, lesbian, gay, bi, and trans people are protected from discrimination and harassment at work. So why did a 2018 survey find statistics like these?
Apparently, if you have 100 employees, you can use their social networks to reach 50,000 potential job candidates for free. This is according to an info-graphic doing the rounds over social media.
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