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In April 2017 the government is hoping to be able to fund up to three million new apprenticeships across all sectors. The funding will be paid for by the employers themselves via a 0.5% levy on company payrolls....
The gender pay gap in the UK has been decreasing. On average women working the same jobs as men are getting paid the same amount.
The demographic of workers in the UK is changing. We have an ageing workforce that’s going to put pressure on all sectors over the coming decades. The rising cost of healthcare and dwindling pension pot will force people to work for longer....
The interview is often the first time you’ll meet a prospective employee....
London is one of the great cities of the world. It is a city of culture, a city with a deep history and an important hub for global finance and trade. There are many reasons to live and work in London here are just a few.
What Makes a Good PA? The role of a PA has changed over the years, especially since the internet boom but being an effective PA is as an important role as it’s ever been....
Negotiating a change in your job title can be an intimidating prospect, however, it can be a necessary one to help progress and grow your career.
Often in a job search, personality and attitude can compensate for a multitude of things, and not having all the listed criteria doesn’t have to be the end.
The inside scoop
Invest your time for your employer as if it were your own business. You work for the business owners and/or business leaders; they are passionate about their company, and you will go far and do well if you are to.
The Regulations stem from the EU Temporary Workers Directive 2008 which gives agency workers the right to the same pay and other working conditions enjoyed by a hirer’s own workers....
Today we look at the kind of activities, attitudes, actions and things to avoid to get you ahead at work and make you a ‘four A’ employee rating superstar.
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