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One in three people working from home during COVID has also had caring responsibilities, according to a Hays survey. And one in six had no partner to share these responsibilities. That means some of your employees are affected by it – and it’s likely to affect their work....
Executive assistants – and the executives they assist – have been working from home more than ever before. As lockdown eases, EAs can’t expect to return to normal; they need to be prepared for a new role. Here’s why.
Nobody likes to dish out redundancies, but during COVID-19, many of us have had to. You’ve successfully handled that last weepy Zoom call – now you need to focus on the survivors, the employees who are left....
If your regular onboarding process has been wrecked by COVID, you need this guide. Remote onboarding matters. It’ll motivate new recruits to “buy in” and increase engagement and retention. It’ll get them up to full productivity faster, and it’ll boost your employer brand.
COVID-19 has created all sorts of unprecedented challenges for employers. Now here’s another one: now that people who can’t work from home are allowed to return to the workplace, what if they refuse to?
It might not seem like the obvious time to invest in a recruitment partner, but skilled recruiters are going to play a huge part in the business world’s recovery from the pandemic....
With coronavirus test and trace systems now up and running across the UK, your attempts to bring employees back to work could be disrupted by unplanned absences. Here’s what this means for you – and how to cope.
Everything seems more challenging during a pandemic – especially looking for a job. Thankfully, you can still succeed if you follow these proven strategies.
As we return to work in a drastically changed world, how can you help your employees get used to the new normal? How do you support them in doing their best work at a time like this? One word: reboarding.
Losing your job can be one of the hardest challenges you’ll ever face. You can find yourself struggling with overwhelming emotions and destroyed confidence. But don’t despair - there are ways to make it easier on yourself. Here’s how.
Pick your disaster movie scenario. Whether it’s the killer virus or the rise of the machines, the same workers are most vulnerable to losing their jobs, says a McKinsey report....
There might not be much to smile about in the UK economy right now, but here’s one thing: our labour market is resilient. It’s undoubtedly been hit hard by coronavirus – the OBR predicts that unemployment will surge to 10% from a pre-pandemic low of only 4%....
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