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1. Unprecedented demand for talent


In an increasingly digitised, globalised world, we are closer than ever. Although this increases the number of jobs that are available to us, it also increases competition.


With language as less of a barrier now, key talented candidates tend to be well educated with a vast skill set to bring to the workplace. Companies are also more inclined to seek employment overseas, offering candidates support with moving, additional work benefits and a salary that sets itself apart from its competitors to ensure it secures high-performers.


This increase in investing in talented employees has meant an increase in competition between companies to secure the high performers, for the sake of business growth, whilst also meaning that job seekers need to ensure they have an impressive skill set and resume.


2. Global search for top talent


In order to get someone with a wealth of experience and expertise to boost a company’s productivity, there has to be flexibility to look beyond the local area and secure employment overseas.


 It is not uncommon for employers to provide foreign talent with permits and visas to encourage candidates to join their organisation, as well as a solid salary – this can give a company an edge over the competition.


3. Adapting the hiring process to new technology


Securing employees now means adapting to the fast-changing technological job market. Digital recruitment both saves you money and puts you in touch with a vast selection of international talent.


After living in lockdown, we have become increasingly exposed to remote interviews online, a now normalised part of the job recruitment process.


4. The dominance of the smartphone


Mobile phones are now an integral part of our work life, whether it’s checking your emails or finding new work opportunities.


Smartphones now allow recruiters to get in touch with potential employees at the touch of a button, so it is vital that the hiring process is mobile-friendly and easy to reach through social media to get maximum exposure.


5. Changing expectations from employees


As important as competitive salaries are to employees, in this day and age companies need to have a unique selling point to entice top-performing employees. Some of the ways to attract employees that go beyond salary include:


  • Benefit packages can include health care, welfare benefits such as gym memberships, spa discounts or mindfulness sessions.
  • The office experience is an integral part of the workplace environment, so making sure it is up to date and modern is important.
  • Flexible hours are now increasingly sought after by jobseekers, allowing them to have a say in their days off and the hours they work in a way that works for employee and employer alike.


These are just a few ways to stand out from the crowd and grab the top talent.

Posted by: Morgan Spencer