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Leading employees during changing times
If there’s one single thing that you definitely can’t avoid in the workplace, it’s change. Change is everywhere, and there is no doubt that it is necessary if you want your business to progress....
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Is it your job to tackle obesity in your workforce?
With obesity becoming more and more of a problem in the UK, attention has turned to who, exactly, is responsible for changing the trends. If you are a manager, you may feel as though you should be making an effort to ensure that your team are fit and healthy....
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If you can’t please all of the people all of the time, how do you keep a workforce happy?
With the world of recruitment being more competitive than ever before, it is important that you do everything that you can to encourage people to give your company a go – and to stay with you once they get there....
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HR and GDPR a post May2018 a review of the basics
HR departments play a huge part in making sure that companies are compliant with new GDPR rules, meaning that they are avoiding thousands of pounds of fines for their business.
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How to spot an employee in need of help
You may have heard through many sources the number of people who can struggle without ever asking for help. If this happens to a team member at your company, there can be consequences for all concerned, so it is important that you spot when somebody might need help....
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How to future proof your hiring for the next 5 years
Hiring has changed over the past few years, and most employers now understand that it isn’t always enough to just advertise online like you may have done in the past....
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How to get your workforce moving post-holiday season
The holiday season is an enjoyable time for many, however returning to work can often cause a lot of stress. Employees may feel as though they are behind, with a huge number of emails in their inbox to sort through....
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How best to manage remote workers
In the modern age of working, around half of all the workforce work at least partly remotely for some of their working week. With this being true, and with more workers hoping to make the switch at some point in the future, it is important that companies know how best to manage their remote workers....
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Handling the holiday season
Over the holiday season, managers may worry about how they are going to handle the downtime, not to mention employees being more likely to take time off thanks to cold and flu season....
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Half your employees think they are underpaid, should you be concerned?
Most employers feel that they pay their employees fairly. It is likely that you will have researched suitable salaries before hiring – however the truth is that almost half of employees still feel they are underpaid....
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Employee stress, what can you do to help?
As a manager, you should always be concerned with how your team are performing. One thing that can have a big impact on that is stress, and therefore it is very much your responsibility to lower that stress as much as possible. If you learn how to do this, this can really help.
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Does remote working boost productivity?
Although many people might like the idea of working from home, the reality isn’t always as good as it sounds. There are many challenges, including isolation, unannounced guests and technical glitches, all of which can have a negative impact on the working day.
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