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How a recruitment agency can help your company recover from COVID

It might not seem like the obvious time to invest in a recruitment partner, but skilled recruiters are going to play a huge part in the business world’s recovery from the pandemic. Doing all your recruiting in-house at a time like this is likely to be a false economy, costing you money – and time – you can’t afford to lose. Here are five reasons you need a trusted recruitment partner to support your company’s recovery:


1) Recruiters are great multi-taskers


Have you ever tried recruiting? It’s a juggling act: advertising, going through stacks of CVs, setting up interviews, salary negotiations, onboarding, and numerous other plates that you have to keep spinning. You need to be superhuman to handle all that and your regular job too.


Professional recruiters have an advantage: it is their regular job. And this kind of multi-tasking is second nature to them. When your company needs every bit of your energy and focus, you’re not doing anyone any favours by stressing yourself out trying to handle recruitment as well. Leave it to the professionals and reap the rewards.


2) Recruiters find you the perfect recruit faster


Doing recruitment in-house takes a lot of time – not helpful when you’re understaffed and losing ground by the day. But if you rush it and hire the wrong person, you’ll waste far more time, as well as money. That’s a big risk to take in the current climate.


When you enlist the support of a recruitment agency, they’ll put you in touch with a huge bank of pre-checked, pre-qualified, referenced candidates, and whittle them down to a shortlist that perfectly fits your needs.


3) Recruiters save you money


Working with a recruitment agency will quickly pay for itself. When you add up the cost of advertising on all the job boards and LinkedIn – including paying a copywriter to write your compelling ad copy – you’ll find that recruiting in-house basically means paying to waste your own time.


With a recruitment agency, the time cost of finding the right person is basically nil, and you don’t have to pay introductory fees until you’ve actually hired them – and often until they’ve been through a trial period too.


4) Recruiters give you a wider talent pool


If you advertise a job yourself, you’ll reach people who are looking for jobs. But a recruitment agency can also draw on the massive pool of people who aren’t looking – who, for obvious reasons, tend to be the best candidates.


Recruiters know their candidates’ ideal roles, and can find you people who really want the job you’re offering – enough to leave their existing job for it.


5) Specialist recruitment agencies know your industry


When you go to a recruitment agency who specialises in your industry, you’ll not only end up with a wider pool of candidates, but also with deeper insight into them. A specialist agency can also help you untangle the legal and regulatory requirements for hiring in your sector, including new legislation like IR35.


Specialist recruiters understand your specific needs, and can keep you updated on trends in your industry and insider news you might not otherwise have heard.

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