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What is the ideal way to on-board new staff members?

Organisations know that employee turnover is something that should be kept to a minimum. They know that employees are a key factor in their daily success.


The big but, however, is that such organisations are often working with limited bandwidth, having already taken the time to go through the hiring process and find a great candidate. So the onboarding process is often overlooked.  But it shouldn’t be.  Investing time in your employees is the best way to keep employee turnover low and your return on investment high.  


It’s vital to get it right from the start.  After all, the first few weeks to a new employee are some of the most crucial because you’re setting expectations and building their personal investment in your business or organisation.


Here are five easy ways to successfully onboard new hires:


1. Create an employee playbook.

This should include a simple overview of your business or organisation. Then, go beyond your mission, values, perks, and policies to include things like:

Who are your customers/stakeholders?

What does success look like for this organisation?

What’s the culture?

Who are the team members?

While initially this will be tie consuming, you’ll have a great ongoing resource once developed. If things ever go off track with an employee down the line, it’s good to have resource to reference.


2. Set achievable 90-day goals.

Give your new employee's direction and actionable items right from the beginning. By identifying a few easy-to-reach goals they will find immediate success and be re-energised about their decision to join your team.


3. Set up one-on-one time to get and give feedback.

Put aside just 15 minutes a week (for at least the first 60-90 days of a new hire’s employment) to keep them feeling connected and engaged. This keeps you in touch with their success and aware of any potential challenges/frustrations.


4. Set up a customer/stakeholder “meet and greet” for your new employee.

Providing your new team member an opportunity to directly hear from a customer is an invaluable tool in developing how they view and understand the mission of your business. Giving them direct access to the people your business or organisation is dedicated to will increase their engagement and show them the impact of their work.


5. Develop FAQ lists.

What 5-10 questions does every new employee need to know the first six months? What are the frequently asked questions that customers/stakeholders ask?


Compile these FAQs with detailed answers and review during the onboarding process. This will save you time and empower employees to access answers themselves without seeking out your guidance as often.


First impressions matter, so start as you mean to go on by treating onboarding as a part of your business’s success.

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