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Why the demand for a decent PA is never ending and what you need to hire the best?

Whilst it is difficult to trace the origins of the PA, it is likely that it stretches back centuries.  There has always been and will always be busy, famous, and wealthy people who need additional support, help or their "right hand".  So it is difficult to see how this demand will ever change.


Of course the nature of the role has changed.   PAs used to be based much more in the secretarial tradition, but now they have developed to be more than just administrative; they are strategic, tactical professionals.  This professionalisation looks set to continue.


So how do you hire the best?  Simply put, by respecting the role of the PA:


1)     Awareness of PA’s capabilities.

PAs want to join inspirational leaders who are prepared to trust in their PA.


2)     Assurance of operational visibility.

PAs don’t want to be overlooked, they want work attributed to them, and success recognised.


3)     Leadership opportunities.

Many of the best PAs don’t want a static career.  They want to advance and are ambitious.  Employers should strive to provide training options for PAs so they are prepared to compete for and succeed in these roles. Whether it’s internal or external training, preparation and planning on behalf of the employer are keys to the advancement of PA professional growth.


4)     Scope of role.

PAs want roles that are aligned with business goals.  But they also want a far-reaching role, not some narrow job description.


5)     A positive culture.

PAs want to feel valued; they want to work in an environment that is encouraging, supportive, fun and ethical.

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