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How to future proof your hiring for the next 5 years

How to future proof your hiring for the next 5 years

Hiring has changed over the past few years, and most employers now understand that it isn’t always enough to just advertise online like you may have done in the past. It’s important to know that candidates are engaging with you as a company rather than just trying to find any job at all, and there are some great tips below about how you can future proof your hiring process.

Engage those you are trying to attract

Social media is huge these days, and as such you should make the most of it. Having content that people can read and interact with is a good way of grabbing attention, and this could be content such as blogs, ‘a day in the life of’, career stories, and videos of live speaking events. The wider range you have, the more people you are going to attract.

Don’t forget offline media

Printed media is still relevant, and this means that you need to make sure that you have positive news stories in the press whenever possible. It’s a good idea to hire a PR manager to deal with this, as they can then ensure that your company is viewed in the most positive light possible.

Engage with future talent now

Engaging with people only once they are looking for work might be too late. Instead, you should think about what you can do to engage with the younger generation. Workshops at universities or even schools can work really well, and you can volunteer members of your team to run careers talks. Chatting to young people ensures that they are familiar with your company and what you do, and it makes it more likely that they will go on to pursue a career with you in the future.

How can you check if this is working?

Of course, application figures are the main thing to watch – but online interactions are just as important. You will be able to see how many people have interacted with your post, how many people have visited your page, and much more information. You can then analyse the difference that various items of content make to the stats, and then make a plan for the future about the most effective tools.

By doing this, you are giving yourself the best chance of making sure that your business has the talent needed to succeed in the industry in the future. Therefore, making sure your hiring process is future proofed is a great investment, and one that you will be glad you took the time to do.

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