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If I meet a temp that is the best person for my perm needs, how do I incentivise them away from temp market?

It’s a question many HR professionals seldom pose. There is still an assumption that the temporary worker is desperate for a permanent role and therefore an offer of one will encourage them to give up their life of temping.

But this is not the case. With the rise in the gig economy and changes in lifestyle, as well as a new generation of employees entering the market, temporary work is no longer seen as the poor relation to permanent employment. More frequently, HR professionals are having to ask themselves how they can incentivise a great temporary worker to join permanently.

To do this is to understand why someone may temp.

• They’re in control
• They don’t get boxed in or bored
• Office politics can be removed
• If they are unhappy they can easily leave
• They are constantly learning
• They can decide if and when they work
• Often better paid than permanent role

But also, it is important to understand some of the negatives of temping.

• Often short-term
• Not guaranteed work
• No security
• Difficult to put down roots

So how can you incentivise your temporary worker to make the permanent move?

Well firstly, this is why ensuring you treat your temps right is so important, as nobody will join a business if they have had a poor experience. But when it comes to making them an offer of permeance, make them feel wanted as a professional. You need to sell the role and company to them. Roll out the red carpet. Do not assume that because they have been temping for you (if indeed they have) that they will know the main people in the company or be engaged in the company culture. Assume they know nothing. Then consider the other benefits you can offer:

• Offer flexible working
• Ensure a clear career path is explained, along with criteria needed to be met to achieve this
• Make certain the earning potential is explained and clear
• Put in place a training programme of CPD
• Reduce the notice period
• Invest in a benefits package
• Explain how this role could benefit their future career

You may have to accept that some temporary workers want to remain just that However if you tailor a package appropriately, by understanding the individual drivers of your preferred temp, then there is no reason why they cannot become your next permanent employee.


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