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Benefits to attract Millennials

If you’re looking to attract top millennial talent to your company then you might want to look beyond the traditional benefits of pensions, company car, or bonuses (as great as they are).

Job seekers are increasingly transferring an importance on to work benefits with over a third of employees revealing perks are a primary consideration for accepting a new job according to Glassdoor.


The younger generation want more from their job and the right perks can emphasise the sense of purpose and company culture millennials desire in a job.


1. Learning and career development

Millennials are at the earlier stages of their journey, where they want to learn and grow as much as possible, which is why training and career development is a top desire when seeking a new job.


2. Social and off-site events

Millennials are sociable and live by the saying ‘work hard, play hard’. Social events will keep employees happy with fun experiences, but they can also improve bonds between colleagues.


3. Flexible working hours

Millennials value the control over their daily life. The rigid constraints of 9-5 doesn’t resonate as well with a generation who champion freedom and individualism.


4. Student loan repayment / house deposit assistance scheme

With soaring student fees, and thousands of young people saddled with student debt, it’s no surprise that student loan repayment assistance is a hot benefit.  Additionally with house prices rocketing, helping employees save a deposit is a huge benefit.


5. More holiday time-off

Millennials in particular have a zest for adventure, and as such they value a healthy work-life balance. Offering a good amount of time off to allow employees to pursue their own hobbies and adventures will appeal to the younger generation.


6. The fussball table

So not necessarily a fussball table per se, but it epitomises how fun spaces have taken over rigid, conventional business environments, which is important to young people – It’s about work-life integration.


7. Health and well-being support (physical and mental)

Healthy employees are happy employees, regardless of age. However millennials in particular are a more health conscious generation, as they place an increasing interest in preventative health measures.


Free or subsidised gym membership are the most common health perk, but some companies go further to offer health insurance, paid fitness classes, or even hand out healthcare wearables like Fitbits.

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