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Choosing an ATS

Choosing an ATS
Choosing an ATS can be a long process. First of all you have to build a business case, let alone recommended ways to roll out the system across your organisation and how to engage Hiring Managers and other key stakeholders! However once you have secured agreement (And importantly a budget), it is time to start thinking about choosing your ATS.
Reference collection
The reference collection process can be an incredibly time-consuming task.  Look for an ATS which can offer automated reference collection functionality. This will send a notification to referees and request them to complete a reference online.
Cost mapping and reporting
You need accurate ATS reports to demonstrate effective use of your budget and to help you understand where you should focus spend for future campaigns.  You also need to know which recruitment initiatives and sources result in quality hires for each position.
Self-select interview scheduling
If you’re juggling recruitment for multiple roles across different areas of your organisation, it’s likely you also have to manage a lot of different diaries, interview panels, shortlisting packs and more. Some Applicant Tracking Systems offer a ‘self-select’ interview feature, which allows candidates to choose an interview date and time via an online portal. 
Questions to ask potential ATS providers
A crucial part of choosing an ATS is getting a sense of how you could work with a potential supplier.
Customer care and support
You need to have confidence that your potential supplier is going to be there for you after the contract is signed.
Your ATS should lie at the heart of your hiring eco-system, integrating with other platforms to ensure you have a fully connected process.
You need to be confident in the longevity of your solution.
GDPR compliance
It is essential that you appoint a technology provider who will meet their GDPR responsibilities.
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